Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My First Sephora Haul & Swatches

This month I was super lucky enough to go on holiday to Rome with my lovely friend Aurelia, and one of the highlights of the trip was the fact that I had the chance to step inside a Sephora store for the first time in my life - and it was definitely a dream come true!

We only travelled with hand luggage on our trip, and so I had to keep each product under 100ml, which meant that sadly I couldn't sample any of Sephora's skincare products, but honestly I think that worked really well for me because I would have been super disappointed if I liked a skincare item that I couldn't get easily again. But I had full access to Sephora's stunning makeup range, and here are the items that I purchased on my trip (I shall link as many of them as I can!):

Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

The minute I pulled out the wand from the tester in store, I knew I had to have this concealer as it looked identical to the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which is my all time fave concealer ever! I've still got to test it properly, but let me know in the comments if you'd like a proper in-depth review and comparison.

Shouroux for Sephora Colourful Jewel Effect Eyeshadow in Diamonds Are Forever

The duo-chrome finish of this eyeshadow is gorgeous! It didn't swatch as dazzling and as pigmented as I thought it might, but it's perfect for a natural yet glowing duo-chrome highlight either under the brow or on the cheekbones (I mean who has to stick to using eyeshadow on just the eyes right!?)

Colourful Eyeshadow in Ballet Shoes

I included a finger swatch as well as a picture of the stereotype skin swatch as, not going to lie, the skin swatch was pretty pathetic on camera! But in real life this eyeshadow is the most lovely champagne highlight colour and its formula is super creamy too. 

Colourful Eyeshadow in Under the Cover

Behold! The blinding-ness of this gorgeous little thing! I bought it for the intent that I would use it on my cheekbones, and hell yes, will I be using it on my cheekbones!

Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Coral Confession

This colour just screams summer to me. The pinky-peach tones are my go-to lip colour for summer, and I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it!

Once again, this gloss totally fits my  idea of perfect summer lips. I also adore the golden metallic finish to this gloss, which is something that I've never seen before and I thought was really unique. It reminds me a lot of the gloss version of NARS' Orgasm Blush

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I'm so sorry for being such a lazy-bones for the past few months (eeep!) but now that my exams have all finished and school is over and done with, thank goodness, I can finally start devoting my time to my blog! And without feeling guilty this time!


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DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored in any way. I bought all of these products myself. All photos are my own and were edited in BeFunky. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

The Body Shop Lash Hero Mascara

I'll admit, despite being a lover of the beauty industry, mascara tends to be one of the last things I tend to pop in my shopping cart. I guess it's probably down to the fact that - let's face it - mascaras aren't really the most interesting of beauty products. But nevertheless, I was lucky enough to trial this Lash Hero Mascara by The Body Shop when I last went into one of their stores, and ohmygoodness, considering no one really talks much about The Body Shop's makeup range in the beauty community, I really enjoy this mascara and can't wait to share the details with you!

I found that this mascara definitely gives a more natural finish. It focuses on darkening the lashes, as well as defining, separating and lengthening them; if you're looking for a more dramatic mascara that will give you volume, then perhaps this isn't really the one for you.

The claim of being an "Eye-Widening" mascara is a perfect one; I'm not sure if it's just me - or the fact that I have blue eyes that are probably too big for my own good - but the definition and darkness an curl the formula adds to your lashes really does add that extra "oomph!"

The only fault I found with this is that if you're prone to rubbing your eyes, this formula will transfer onto your skin. Sadly, I managed to find this out the other day the hard way! But if you're like me and you don't often touch your eyes, then I really do think this mascara is worth a purchase.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Technic Mega Mattes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Being a girl on a budget, I love a good high-quality eyeshadow palette that doesn't break the bank. I picked up this Mega Mattes Eyeshadow Palette by Technic from Fragrance Direct in my most recent, and first, purchase from them. I've worn this palette every day for the past week, and here are my findings...

As you can see, the colour range is gorgeous! There's a wonderful range of warm tones and cool tones, ranging from dark to light shades. I think this is a super great range of eyeshadows for a drugstore product; I personally haven't yet come across and eyeshadow palette at all - drugstore or high end - that contains both warm and cool shades. I love that it does this, because I really enjoy alternating between having cool toned and warm toned looks, and I also find cool tones quite hard to pick up anymore, as warm tones are all the rage at the moment. So this gives you the best of both worlds really!

I originally planned on showing swatches in this post too, but when I went to swatch these eyeshadows, I was super disappointed with the outcome. However, I'm a firm believer that swatches don't depict the overall quality of a product, and I'm so glad I feel that way because the quality of the eyeshadows on the face is beautiful! They are so buttery and blend so well, whilst also being very pigmented without being patchy - it made no sense whatsoever that they didn't swatch well!

Overall, I would 100% recommend this palette, I really can't fault it! 


Thank you so much for reading this week, if you have any product recommendations or posts you'd like me to do, then please leave them in the comments below!



DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored in any way. I bought the products with my own money. All pictures are taken by myself and edited in Picmonkey. All opinions are my own and I would not lie about a product even if I had been gifted it. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Day & Night Cream Review

 If you've been keeping up to date with my recent blog posts, you'll notice that I've been trying out a lot of skincare products recently. One thing I've been searching for in particular is a moisturiser that can cope with my ridiculously dry skin, and that doesn't completely break the bank. So when I saw these two products, the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Day Cream and Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Gel Night Cream, I couldn't resist giving them a shot.

 When regarding the packaging, it's pretty basic. The reflective boxing is cute and eye-catching, and the pretty blue colour of the containers is nice and bright, however in terms of knowing when to replace them, the Day Cream is a little irritating as there's no way of finding out when it's beginning to run out. The smell of each product is really nice in my opinion, baring in mind I'm not someone who is very sensitive to scents. The Day Cream has a very refreshing scent, but it's nothing too overpowering that it begins to remind me of bathroom cleaner (thank goodness!) The Night Cream has a much more interesting scent however; despite hinting at an obvious pomegranate scent on the packaging, I think it smells a lot more herbal than it did fruity, but I really enjoy it! I find it calming and the perfect soothing smell just before bed, which is a really great and, in my opinion, quite high end-esque addition to a product, so good on you Garnier!

To begin with: the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Day Cream. My first impressions of this product were really positive, it has a really cooling and calming sensation when applied, and it doesn't feel harsh on the skin at all either. However the level of moisture it applies is, in my opinion, not exactly "super" hydrating. I reckon this would work much better for people who have combination to oily skin, and for those who just want a little touch of moisture in the mornings, rather than those of us who are heavily reliant on a moisturiser to keep our skin comfortable throughout the day.

Last - but certainly not least - is the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Gel Night Cream. To begin with, I'm a huge fan of the gel formula when it comes to skincare. I love how it feels instantly cooling when applied, and it really does give a real moisture boost to the skin. I am super impressed with this product, so much so that I even use it in the daytime instead of the Day Cream if my skin is feeling especially dehydrated and uncomfortable.


Thank you so much for reading this week, and please be sure to let me know what you thought of these products if you've tried them, or if you have a request for a post I could do in the future!



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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water Review

After hearing so much hype over the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I decided to give this differentiation a go: the Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing WaterI've heard quite a bit about this product, and as I've been meaning to try a makeup remover that requires you to shake an oil and a water together, this seemed a pretty good candidate for doing so, however, I do have some very mixed opinions about this, so keep reading to find out more!

I'll start with the positives first: When it comes to removing eye makeup alone, this is incredible - it does a fab job at removing even the darkest of colours from my eyelids, and definitely performs a lot better at taking off eye makeup than the original micellar water does. Also - and this may be an odd things to say - but the product as a whole smells lovely! I can't quite work out the type of scent it has, but I find it to be very gentle and not offensive at all. But then I am someone who isn't really bothered by scented products, and so those of you who are very sensitive to smells may want to give this a whiff before buying.

And now onto the not so positive comments (I call them 'not so positive' as just because this didn't work for me due to the following reasons, doesn't mean that it can't work for you). When using this all over my face, it broke me out like crazy. And so I began to use it on my eyes only, which, as above, was very successful. However I have very sensitive eyes, and I found that sometimes the product irritated my eyes a little. But the big thing that annoyed me about this product: Despite claiming to be "non-greasy", I found it to be very greasy! Not only just on the eyes, but also on the outside of the bottle which is something that really irritates me!

Thank you for reading this week's post, do let me know what you thought of this product if you've already tried it, or of any other product recommendations and post requests in the comments below!


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Saturday, 28 January 2017

I Heart Makeup Chocolate & Peaches Palette Review & Swatches

The minute I saw this on the TAM Beauty website's newsletter, I knew I had to have it.
I believe this palette is another one of I Heart Makeup's gorgeous dupes for high end palettes; this one being (pretty obviously) a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Ever since this was first released a while back, I have absolutely adored it from afar, but as it retails for £39, it's not really student budget friendly. But when I Heart Beauty released this palette, I was head-over-heels with happiness because now I could own a wonderful palette that mimics Too Faced's palette very well, without being one of those controversial eBay fakes.

The packaging of this palette is, in my opinion, of really high-end quality. It is super sturdy and has a good weight to it; not too heavy, but then not super light and flimsy either. And come on, who doesn't love the chocolate shape of this!? I know that the bright peach colour isn't for everyone, but I really like it - it reminds me very much of summer, but also of autumn as it could work as a pop of colour among the trademark neutral bronzes, velvety reds and golds.

I love the mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows, however I was quite surprised that there isn't a really light shimmer shade, and is instead two light matte shades: Delicious and Satisfy. Although the rest of the colour selection is beautiful! I love how my blue eyes look with the shades, although I do think that it would work like a dream with those of you who have hazel or chocolate brown eyes, and perhaps even green eyes too.
The quality of the shadows is mixed; some are just wonderful, whereas some others are a little chalky, however I'm never really bothered if there's some fall-out due to this, as I mean you are buying a powder formula, so it kind of makes sense if there's a bit of fall-out, right? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

And now onto the swatches...

These swatches are from the top row of the palette.
These shadows, aside from Delicious, are all shimmery. They may not have the most pigmented of formula, but I found them to be very buildable when I used them on my eyes later on in the day, and the colours are stunning regardless. I'm also a big fan of the sheer-ness of Delight; some find dark shadows to be really disappointing if they aren't 100% pigmented, but I appreciate it because those sorts of shades scare me a little, especially as I have killer dark circles under my eyes and so only a little of dark shadow out of place makes me look like a panda! And so with this shadow I can deepen the crease of my eye without fear!

The only shadow that disappoints me is Delicious. As you can see by the picture, it's pigmentation is very weak. But I guess as it's a matte shadow that, I presume, is meant for setting any eyeshadow primer - I use the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow - which I found worked really well for that, so I'd call this a 'meh' shade (... oh the colloquialism!)

These swatches are from the middle row of the palette.
Sweet may be unnoticeable in the photo, but it works wonderfully as a inner corner and brow bone highlight on my pale skin, which is probably why it blends in in the photo; otherwise the other shades are really pigmented and the shades are gorgeous! They're all shimmers and I feel that for the £7.99 price, they are totally worth the money.

These swatches are from the bottom row of the palette.
And here the pigment totally steps up a notch! These warm toned matte shades are definitely the kind of colours that are all the rage recently, and are by far the best performing shades in the palette as a whole. My favourite is definitely Fine, as it's the perfect transition shade.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this week's post; let me know what you thought of this palette if you own it, or whether you'll be wanting to purchase it in the future or not. Also don't forget that I'm totally open to requests for future blog posts, so leave your requests in the comments below too.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

January Sales 2017 Wishlist

Okay, I'll admit it: the Boxing Day sales are by far my most favourite part of the festive season - I just can't resist a good discount!

Because of my love for the sales, I've decided to put together a collection of my favourite January Sale finds; I've tried to be as diverse as possible regarding the kind of items as well as where they come from and what brands they're from - let me know what you think of them and this style of post in general, as well as what you'll be after this January in the comments below!

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Most importantly.... Have fun shopping this January!!! 

January Sales 2017 by perfectlypopcorn on polyvore.com



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DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with Polyvore, the website that I used to create this, in any way. I am not associated with any of the companies that produce the items in any way. All images are provided by the companies respectively.